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Spaghetti Bread Failures

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Spaghetti Bread Failures



 We've been having trouble getting a good loaf of Spaghetti bread with our bread machine. Every time it either doesn't rise to the top of the pan or it sinks in the middle. The bread machine we have is Corner Bakery, Bread and Desert Maker from Breadman TM. Perhaps someone can tell me what these symptoms are from or maybe you have a no-fail spaghetti bread recipe? Any help is much appreciated!



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Never heard of spaghetti bread, but no matter.  Sinking in the middle, I believe, is a sign of your bread rising too much.  You should post the recipe and other rising times, kneading etc.  Pictures are useful as well.

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Spaghetti is made from durum flour, high in protein but low in gluten, so it looks as though your bread didn't have enough gluten to hold up to baking. Add gluten flour - 1 Tbsp per 140 g dry spaghetti weight is what I usually use for durum/semolina meals.