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maintaining scoring implement

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maintaining scoring implement

Hi, like many of you on this site, my 'lame' is home-made, a choptick threaded through a double-edged razor blade actually  :)


was jus wondering, how do i look after it/clean/store etc and how do i know when it needs replacing. 


also, when i score, do i go fast or slow? ive seen bakers do it both ways, with me though it usually drags.


thanks heaps

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Regardless of whether I used my "homemade" lame or a serrated knife, I always get a bit of a drag when scoring.  But most of the professionals I've watched get some degree of draf (some even more than what I experience) so unless the draf deforms the loaf or interferes with the depth of the cut I don't worry about it.

My homemade lame is a throw away tool.  When it gets to the point where it drags too much I simply toss it and make a new one.

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throw it away and replace.

I use a single edge razor blade to score bread. I buy a box of 5 single edge blades from a beautician's store in my neighborhood for about $4.

I keep the one I'm currently using in a small plastic box in a kitchen drawer.

I'm kind of fascinated that a razor blade designed to scrape off human hair, is, over use, dulled by slashing dough. Drag marks are my clue that the razor has dulled and should be discarded.

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Regardless of the tool, a sharp blade is the trick. Change your blade whenever it starts to drag. You might be interested in a class at King Arthur in Norwich VT. "Hearth Bread Shaping and Scoring Practicum for the Serious Home Baker with Richard Miscovich"

05/28/2010 to 05/29/2010 from 4:00 PM to 4:00 PM
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thanks but i live in australia its  a bit far i guess