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ciril hitz videos

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ciril hitz videos

hey bread heads, ....

just thought i'd post a link to a vid on youtube with Ciril hitz.. gr8 explanation of baguette shaping and the related stuff on the right (or just go to the breadhitz youtube channel...) has a bunch more snipets of video from him...

I haven't noticed an awful lot of discussion on chef hitz however Peter Reinharts exploits are of course well documented here on TFL (at least more than hitz as far as I , personally, have noticed)


anyway I just thought id share briefly with all here on the forum, just that I think its noteworthy, .... as a Johnson & Wales (Providence) alum both of these guys were instructors there at the same time I was a student and actually often taught in the same classsroom!!! Why of why didn't I hang around there more!! lol I was a Culinary student not pastry and thought id never use this info.. little did i know id later catch the baking bug


anyway enjoy the vids folks.. i hope you learn some things as i surely did.


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Thanks for that link doublelift08.

Really good shaping demo. Time for me to seriously tackle a baguette I think.




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Thank you for sharing that video information.  It's the first time I've seen the work of Ciril Hitz and he is a good teacher.  I think I'l get his book.

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Thanks for sharing this - it's one of the best videos I've seen of shaping baguettes.  I originally learned to pre-shape into boules, but at work my senior baker/mentor showed me that pre-shaping into logs as Hitz does is both quicker (for a baker working in a production environment) and facilitates the final shaping. 

He is so right in saying that shaping is a personal preference.  I think what's so valuable is that he demonstrates the two essential features to shaping a baguette successfully: achieving enough surface tension in the dough for it to hold its shape, and, doing this without unnecessarily degassing the dough. 

It's a balancing act, but this video demonstrates it really nicely!


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thx for the comments guys... and don't forget to check the other vids on the breadhitz channel... the 'decorative shaping' one is a great demo of many of the shapes illusttrated in BBA and the bread sculpture stuff is outta this world