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Where do you Keep your Bread?

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Where do you Keep your Bread?

Since I started baking bread, I always make two kinds each time; one it is a sandwich loaf which we use for sandwiches and during breakfast and the other one it is a French baguette type for the main meals. I keep my breads inside a plastic bag in the fridge but I find the plastic bags not convenient.

I thought that it must be a better way to keep the home made breads. How do you keep your breads?


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I am new to this too.   The fridge is definitely not a good place as it dry's out the bread.  I also have stopped using plastic bags as it makes the crust go soft and mushy in my experience.   I have taken to just leaving it out in a bread box with nothing around it.   I usually have a sourdough loaf and a rustic loaf and they are both usually gone before they have a chance to go bad.   I would love to see any other answers to this as I am constantly looking for a better way. 


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I have two bread storage containers. One is an large old enamel tin, the other is a modern ceramic bread storage jar. Despite these, the bread seems to stay on the wooden chopping board turned cut face down.

Haha, even as I write this I can hear one of the kids cutting a slice. I think she's making toast for her supper. Bread never has time to go stale in this house :-)

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oskar270  Here are the great Peter Reinhart's opinions on this matter. According to his advice you would need to store the two types of loaves differently.

Practices and advice seem to differ with some people advocating only ever keeping crusty artisanal loaves in paper and not transferring to plastic after a day as Reinhart suggests. Wikihow has a range of suggestions Most advise against refrigeration, however.

I tend to bake 500 gram crusty artisan-style loaves which mostly get eaten on the first day. If I need to keep them overnight  I wrap them completely in a washable cloth so they can breathe and store them in a big, old-fashioned enamel bread bin. However, I'm with Martyn. When we used to buy bread from the store we often used to end up with unused pieces. That doesn't happen with the homemade bread - it goes too quickly!   Daisy_A

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Very informative, thank you all

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I make the two types of bread myself.  I have been storing my sandwich loaf in a Lock n Lock bread keeper.  (I use a pullman pan so it fits perfectly.)  I have been putting my sourdough in 2 gallon storage bags (plastic).  (I got both of these things from Amazon.)  The sandwich bread seems to spoil I am considering using the fridge.  The sourdough lasts pretty well out on the counter.  I am not sure that I have the best solution myself yet...