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Big Bakery Bread Production

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Big Bakery Bread Production

Here's a video from "How It's Made" from the Science Channel on the production of multigrain loaves of sandwich bread.  I wonder how many loaves of bread you can get out of a ton of bread dough?



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About 2000 one pound loaves, 1333 one and a half pound loaves, etc...

Couldn't resist. lol

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Hahaha!  It just seemed like a lot of dough, I wasn't thinking of the math.

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I work in a Dempsters bakery that is very much like the one in the video and our mixers produce 4 batches per hour, each containing 375kg of flour which equates to roughly 4000 loaves per hour, depending on what type of bread we are making and its weight per loaf. Production speed largely revolves around the bake time of the product which varies from 8 minutes for buns, to 19 minutes for white bread to 33 minutes for healthy way multigrain bread

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I  thank you for sharing the web site. I sent it to my grandson so he (12 yrs old) can check it out.

The factory is amazing. The things that we take for granted every day.!