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Panes de Puerto Rico

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Panes de Puerto Rico

I lived in Puerto Rico in the 1950's early 1960's. There was a bakery near-by where my Grandfather would get fresh hot bread every morning-Pan de Agua. I would like to replicate in my oven. Also Pan de Manteca which came later in my life. Any help?

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Dear Panadero,

When looking for a traditional Hispanic or Latin recipe, not widely available in books, I've  sometimes got results by googling in Spanish. Googling in English tends to turn up anglicized recipes which may have been changed quite radically, a point raised in this online thread, which also gives some recipes for the breads you mention and describes them as bought from a panadería in Puerto Rico

However Hector Rodriguez's recipe for Pan de Agua might be one reasonable place to start. I don't know if you know of him but his bio says he is a Puerto Rican food professsional? I have included links to this recipe in two different formats because the first has step-by-step pictures but the second fits onto just one browser page and has slightly more detailed references to starting the bread out in a cold oven over hot water.

I've not tried recipes for these breads but would like to try the Pan de Manteca. Some recipes use vegetable shortening but my guess is that lard was used originally. Having just made some silky smooth flour tortillas using lard (recipe here I would like to see the effects on a loaf.

Regards, Daisy_A