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California crust recipe needed, please.

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California crust recipe needed, please.

I've been a bit homesick for California style pizza lately.   Every pizza crust recipe I've found so far however, is more of an East Coast style with dense bread and a softer crust on the ... crust.


For those in CA or NV, "StrawHat" pizza crust is what I'm shooting for.  It rises to 2-3" around the rim (ofthen the bakers have to pop bubbles in the center section with a long poker. 


- The crust is very airy, bubbles inside the crust are easily 1/2"-3/4".

- The overall crust is rolled a bit under 1/4"

- The crust (outside-shell) of the crust is Paper thin, quite crisp, and slightly blisters.


Does anyone have a recipe that fits this description?


My thanks in advance.