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A good deal or bunk yeast?

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A good deal or bunk yeast?

I am thinking about picking up this yeast (Fleishman's Instant Yeast), because it is so cheap. 2 16oz bags for $4.36 from Sam's Club. Has anyone used this yeast before? Even at a little over 4 bucks I don't want to buy it and then just not use it if it is no good.

thanks for the feedback


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Among several threads, over the years, about bulk yeast.

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thanks for finding that link for me, very informative.

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I got my first pack of this as a fluke and started using it before I did sourdough. I still keep mine in the freezer and it seems to keep for years.Never had a problem.

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I bought some years ago - then got heavily into sourdough and didn't use it much for quite some time.  I kept it sealed tight, and recently got it out, still works well.


Go ahead and buy some.  It is really cheap, and really good stuff.  Try one of the refrigerator breads where you let it rise, punch it down, and then keep it in the fridge.  It develops a very good flavor.


Sometimes good deals are true.

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Hi folks,


FWIW, I just bought the exact same yeast at BJ's Wholesale Club for $3.63 for the 2 one pound bags.  Seems to be working wonderfully for me .


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I don't know how many stores I went to in my town looking for "instant yeast".  My last resort store, a very over-priced store, had some at $1.69 a packet.  I bought some, but then, in the middle of the night it came to me, and I remembered Samsclub had some so I went out the next day and bought some, and have used it since.  I find it most satisfactory, if not really good.  In my travels, I also bought a little cake yeast from Whole Foods for $2.00, however, it was in a plain white wrapper without any markings at all so I never used it. 

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I buy a pound at my grocery store for under $3 and it lasts me about two years so I have no desire for 2 pounds has never been a problem of any kind. Works great!

 I simply store it at room temp before I open it and in the freezer after it is open. 

Bake On!


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i just joined sam's club yesterday & saw that very same yeast and had the same question.  thanks for the answer!

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I've used this yeast for years and never had a problem with it. I keep most of it - both opened and unopened - in the freezer. I keep a small jar of it in the 'fridge where it's easy to get to for baking.