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G'day all, and a quick question.

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G'day all, and a quick question.

Hey there, names Arne, first time poster, yada yada. I stumbled across this site a few days ago while researching pretzel recipes. Naturally, the one I found here turned out utterly delicious, and I figured that's a good sign for these forums. I've been making foccacia and pizza dough for years, but never really went much beyond that until the other day. Seeing the recipes here though, I think I may be buying a lot more flour over the next few months. :p

So, to kick off, can I ask for a little advice? I want to try and make a sort of rolls I can buy in the store; soft, white and fluffy on the inside, with a very thin, almost flaky brown crust on the outside. What would be the best recipe to try and duplicate that?

Thankyou in advance for any help,


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Do you have access to Rose Levy Beranbaum's _The Bread Bible_ (note the author; there are two books by that name in print in the US at least)?  She has several recipes for soft butter rolls in that book.

If not, you can check her web site.  Here is one recipe for a sweet potato-based dough for buns that works well and would probably make good rolls too:


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Hadn't heaard of RLB, I must admit. I don't actually have any cookbooks, I generally just fall back on good ol' google :p


That recipe looks interesting, it wasn't what I was thinking of, but considering how straightforward it looks, I might just have to try it.


Thanks for your help :)

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What about buttermilk cluster?  it's a soft roll type.  You may also check out this site Happy Home Baking - lots of soft rolls,  or you may use this recipe to make soft rolls.

Have fun!!



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Aussie Pete

Hi There,

Search this site for the various  bagettes recipes and turn into the bread rolls you want instead of the usual lovely French Bread style shape and length we are use to. Also search bagette bread on "you tube".

I made the above mentioned buttermilk cluster for the last family gathering and it went down well "so to speak". Everybody enjoyed it. The recipe is available on this site.

Good luck...........Pete

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Those honey rolls look perfect. I know what I am making next. :D