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DLX or Bosch

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DLX or Bosch

I'm interested in a second mixer and am undecided on the DLX & Bosch.  I've read reviews on sites on both but am still not sure which one.  Anyone who ones the Bosch & DLX, if you can give me your input on the machine, it would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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I'm happy with it. It handles large dough batches and stiff doughs well. Egg white whipping is amazing. It's pretty quiet and very stable, even when working hard. It doesn't have the problem with "walking" on the counter seen with the KitchenAid.

I chose it because the vender said it was more reliable and had more responsive service from the distributor than the DLX, but you'll find lots of folks on TFL who have the DLX and are very happy with it.

I don't think you can go wrong with either one for mixing dough. If you might want the attachments, the Bosch may have the advantage.


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I have the DLX and also am very happy with it. That said I'm the only one in the house that can use it. Not that it's hard, it is just different to get the feel for the concept. Any time my wife needs a mixer, out comes the Kitchen Aid. There are attachment for both I guess. I have the mill but I've never used it. The dough hook on the DLX works great for just about everything I use it on.

OK here's what you don't want to here. I learned AFTER spending $500+ dollars on a nice mixer that for almost everything I do, I can do a better job by hand. Unless you are planning to bake 6-9 lbs of dough at a time, often, you really don't NEED a mixer. I suggest you learn to mix by hand first, doing the stretch and fold. Then after you can do that well and understand how the dough feels, maybe you will still want a mixer, maybe not. I think there was a DLX for sale by a member here that had been slightly and gently used. If you decide that way, post a request and he will reply I'm sure.


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Thanks for your reply.  I haven't gotten into hand kneading at all.  Am just learning to make bread, so have been using either my mixer to mix dough, or my bread machine to mix.  Also have used the no knead method of some breads.  Thanks for your reply, and to the other replies on which machine to get.

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I have two Bsoch Universal (UM-3) mixers which I use 3 or 4 times a week.  I also have the continuous feed grater/shredder, as well as the grater that fits into the bowl.  I also bought the meat grinder attachment.

I bought both mixers and the attachments through Ebay, mostly a piece at a time.  Takes a while to get it all together, but the cost savings is significant.

I shredded six head of cabbage at one sitting to dehydrate and the machine never missed a lick.  I use the mixer for heavy rye doughs and it just keeps going and going and going, kinda like the "rabbit".



ps. If anyone has some of the polycarbonate sausage tubes for the meat grinder and wants to get rid of them, please let me know.  The new stainless steel ones are pretty expensive and the polycarbonate ones are no longer in production.

"oldcampcook (@) yahoo (.) com


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I've had my Electrolux for about a year.  I mix up large batches of bread dough  (11#) without a hiccup.   It's quiet, strong, simple to use and has been very reliable.  I've never used the Bosch, but I had the same decision as you last year.  The main thing that swayed me to the electrolux was the larger and stainless bowl along with the slower speed. 

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Thanks for all the replies.  I'm kind of leaning toward the DLX too, for the larger bowl.  Have to think a bit more before deciding.  Sounds like everyone who uses the Bosch & DLX seems to love their machines  Thanks for the responses.

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I have had the Bosch for about 8 years and prior to that I had the Bosch compact, which, unfortunately is no longer being made. I can make six loaves of bread in the Bosch and for several years I did. Now with no kids at home and just being me I don't. I belonged for years to a Yahoo group called Mixer Owners. This group is for users of the larger, Bosch or DLX. The subject has been gone over extensively.

Pluses for the Bosch are lower cost, lots of available attachements and also easier to get service. They have a larger stainless steel bowl by the way that can be purchased separately. The bosch comes with a blender that is awesome......better then any I have ever owned. If you don't want it you can buy without.

Pluses for the DLX, is for one the's beautiful. Those in the group loved how it kneads and mixes. Seems formany was a high learning curve, learning how to use it, but once they did they loved it. There are attachement for it, I don't know how many or the cost. The DLX cost a couple hundred more. I don't know if it's worth it to you. If I had of heard of it first I would have been very tempted to get it, as it is I have so many attachments for the bosch I wouldn't change. I love the slicer shreader........can shread a head of cabbage in about 30 seconds.  

If interested check out the mixer owner group at yahoo groups.


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Thanks, will check it out.