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Christmas Carrot Juice Doughnut

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January 9, 2007 - 11:31am -- demian

This is a carrot loaf. I made it by replacing 3/4 of the water by thick carrot juice from the juice processor. It gave me a nice yellow cariot flavored loaf! Tastes magnific!


I started playing with the bread machine. Those machines are great because they do all the knead work and rising time control. By the end, it delivers the dough ready to be shaped. The best part at my view!

Tip: Using the option dough (or whatever to not let the machine cook the bread itself), you take the dough off the machine about half an hour before its process ends. You have the right consistence for shaping your bread into whatever you want. Otherwise, the dough gets too soft and sticky, hard to work with. After you shape it, just let it grow again for another half an hour.