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Taking the local lessons - sandwich bread

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Taking the local lessons - sandwich bread

Hi there all the bread lovers.

I'm Ilan, I work in the Hi-Tech industry for the last 10 years which means that I have very little time for myself or my family during the week.

For the last few years, I find comfort in the kitchen, cooking for me, my wife and our extended family. It became a therapy for me - after a long week of work I prefer to cook for 10 people instead of having a good weekend rest.

Bread fascinated me for a long time and about two year ago, I started to bake my own bread.

At first, it came out very bitter and not soft or crunchy but we ate it any way. Very few things can compare with home made bread, hot and fresh out of the oven.

Trying to get better at baking bread, I turned to web. There I discovered the importance of kneading the dough for longer time , the importance of long rising and letting it rise again after shaping, scoring and more.

The quality of the bread improve dramatically and the variety of the loaves increased.


All of this time I continued cooking and about 6 months ago I went to a cooking school. Beside improving my cooking skills, I had long chats with my teaching Chef about many issues, bread included. He strongly recommended this website and I'm glad he did.

As a good student, I decided to start from the beginning and go through the lessons here.

I found out that most of the bread loaves I baked so far, resembled the most to the loaf in lesson 2 ( ) although i haven't used this much milk in a bread before, I took the exact recipe and went for it.

I messed up with the scoring on this one, but all in all, the result was very pleasing:



After two years of baking bread (on the weekends) I just started to realize how rich is this world.

It looks like I found one of my favorites places in the web.


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Nice bread ilan.

Greg R

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Ilan, welcome to TFL!  I am relatively new to this site too, joined not quite two years ago.  If you want a good baking forum, this is a great place to be.  You're right about homemade bread, it's by far superior to any store bought stuff.  You have a great start.  Keep up the good work and keep the pictures coming!


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very nice bread. welcome to the tfl forum. i am also new (joined this year) & love the site. it has an abundance of information.


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Good looking loaf.