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Baking Fruit Pies in a Deck Oven

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Baking Fruit Pies in a Deck Oven

My husband and I are about to start a small bakery.  We own an apple and peach orchard and I will be primarily making pies and turnovers(to start out) and maybe branching into some other things centering around our fruit.  Here's the problem.  After doing some research I decided that I wanted to buy a deck oven since it would most duplicate my oven at home and I was under the impression that deck ovens do a nice job on baked goods.  We bought a used gas Baker's Pride deck oven with a stone hearth.

I am starting to doubt myself in a big way.  Will this work for pies?  Will the stone burn my pies on the bottom?  We haven't installed the oven yet since we'll only be baking pies once peaches are in season, so I can't try it out.

Thanks for your input!


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If you do install it try using insulated bakings sheets on top of each other it will give insulation and prevent the burning.


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Hi Laura,

You worry too much. The deck oven will bake to perfection. I had a double stack gas deck oven, used sheet trays for loading/baking all my cakes, muffins, cookies, breads, and pies, and never had problems. Enjoy your wise purchase!



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Oh, thank you Mimi!  I was hoping that someone with experience would tell me that exact thing.  I will now stop spending hours trying to find obscure threads on deck ovens to try to quell my worries.  You have made my day.

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My wife and I run a small Artisan bakery and have a double stack Bakers Pride also. We use full sheet size cooling racks in them to bake sheet cakes and pies. They work just great.

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One thing I like to buy when I see them fresh is scones and kolaches. Peach and apples would work great for both. Also for later on, an apple orchard nearby sells homemade apple and cinnamon doughnuts in the fall along with their wonderful pies.  Don't forget the Dutch Apple topping as an option!