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Where can i get rye, barley, spelt etc flour in melbourne

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Where can i get rye, barley, spelt etc flour in melbourne

Looking for somewhere i can get some alternatives to wheat flours such as the above for making bread with. I used to go to a lady in the south melbourne market but she seems not to be stocking much now.  I'm in East brunswick.  One ( very old) thread had something about one of the deli stores at the queen vic market having some - if anyone knows if this is still true I'd appreciate it

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Welcome to TFL

While there are a number of Australian contributors here, none of the regulars are from Melbourne. You might find an answer closer to home at Sourdough Companion, an Australian sourdough website:

Cheers, Robyn

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You may like to try mail order from

I have found them satisfactory, but am annoyed that they do not list ingredients on the labels. (Say that their normal label printer is out of order)

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For small purchases, I just pick up what I need from health food stores.  Even the health food aisles of larger grocery stores have things like rye flour.  But I only use a small amount at a time, if you're looking for bulk I'm not sure where to recommend.

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hi there Jamieu

i have just googled rye flour melbourne  restrict the search to australia and there are quite a few  sites

regards Yozza

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Hi Jamieu,

Here in Sydney and all around out, rye and barley and spelt are found in health shop, organic shops and even in woolworths and Coles... Of course it's only by quantities from 500g to 1kg. But you use those kind of flour by very small quantities to make bread.

I suppose that Melbourne cannot be much different. good luck Bee 

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Hi, to revive this thread:


I'm from Melbourne too.

I find rye flour relatively easy to get -- organic food shops and some deli shops  have it (and also spelt flour), even saw some at Woolworths (former Safeway) in Scoresby.


Prices vary, $6.70 per kilogram of rye flour at Passionfoods in South Melbourne (close to the city, for those who don't know Melbourne well) and $4.00 in Doncaster (some 20-30 km outside, somewhere in the suburbs).


Rye flour I get here is usually organic and always wholemeal. The quality of the milling varies, some is quite even, some has coarser and finer particles.


Which leads the first question: Are there flour sifters/sieves to be had anywhere in Melbourne? These are not your standard kitchen sieves, strainers, or sifters. Dedicated flour sifters come with differently fine meshes, to separate flours of different fineness.


And the next question: Where can I get wheat and rye _grains_ to mill myself, not the flours?


It's grown here, there must be some farmer out there who could sell it  to me -- or a mill that might be able to sell some directly...



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Hi, it's roughly a year ago now, but now I can answer my own post. I now got a grain mill (a hawos Oktagon II, look at this beauty! and have baked some gorgeous breads with my fresh-ground rye and wheat. Also, fresh-ground wheat makes a very good porridge.

I post this here so people who may be searching for the same question in the future can find it.

My question was where I could find rye and wheat in the grain in Melbourne, Australia, to grind/mill myself. In this forum, people usually write "wheat berries"  and "rye berries" and I take that's the American expression?

I have found a source in Melbourne, Australia: The Eastfield Health Foods shop in Croydon South carries them.

They will usually have wheat grain in bulk (and barley, and buckwheat) when you walk in, but you can order rye grain from them as well.

Eastfield Health FoodsCnr Eastfield and Bayswater Rds
Croydon South, AU
VIC 3136
(03) 97230257

I have also heard that some health food shop in the Queen Victoria Market is supposed to have grains as well, possibly rye, definitely wheat and oats, but I haven't been able to verify that myself. At least I spoke to a person who has recently bought those grains there.


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G' morning there,

I don't know about flour sifters/sieves which should be professional but you can have a try at "basic ingredients" in Sydney they are in crow nest where they sale all the needs for professional in the cooking/baking profession. I bought several articles from them and was always very happy. They sale by correspondance as well.

About the grains I know better... wheat should not be a problem to find but rye has been a serious problem the last months (6-8 m.) the reason given to me by all the retailers is the same, the crops have fallen because of climatic conditions. I tried all of them included on the internet and could not find rye in grains ( or berries as they call them too) One day I was in Mainly where there is a heath food and I was happy to find a left over of a 25kgs bulk bag from Demetre organic Mills. I bought the 6 & 1/2 kgs and stored them in my second fridge in hermetic glass jars.
To mill them it's a bit of a problem if you don't have a mill. Since I use only 100 to 150 grs at ounce I do that in my electrical coffee grinder.
To the point : since you are in Melbourne I can send to you 4 kgs if it will help you, as I have too much of it now, because I have been ordered to keep a very strict diet before (and after!) a back surgery and I had to stop to bake my weekly pumpernickel loaf that I was eating with butter smoked salmon etc... in delice...
let me know and Tuesday I will be able to send it to you by post. Don't worry about the cost as I paid only $1.80 per kg (bulk price)....only the postage can be costly. I would like to do that for you as I'm reluctant to keep the berries few years in the fridge or get rid of them. Keeping 2kgs for me will be more than enough now that I have to reduce my baking to once a month!
Cheers Bea
my email add.

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I want to make a correction : it's Essential Ingredients : and not basic ingredients - sorry - and the grains are from Demeter Farm Mill which has a very good reputation in this area.