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BBA sticky buns - more flour needed?

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BBA sticky buns - more flour needed?

Hello all,

I'm in the process of making the BBA sticky buns, but when I was making the dough, the 3 1/2 cups of flour only left the dough soupy, nowhere near the ball capable of getting stretched by a dough hook.  I'm not quite sure what the problem was - I don't think I added too much of any other ingredient, and although I used all-purpose flour initially (king arthur), the recipie says either all-purpose or bread flour is fine.  I wound up adding at least 2 cups of bread flour to get it somewhat stretchy, but I'm not quite sure what happened.  Has anyone else had this happen to this recipie?  I had a similar experience creating the seed culture (the amount indicated never resulted in anything you could turn into a ball as the recipie contemplates).  Could this be a humidity issue or...?



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For your seed culture it's good to be soupy, foamy, and bubbly too :) Unless you like a nice stiff culture (like Desem)

I've followed the BBA recipe as well and it needed a bit more liquid as my butter was still cold, did you melt your butter/shortening perhaps? I've found to a greater extent that doing any of the BBA recipes by their weights rather than cups fares much better.

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Dunno - I've made the BBA recipe several times (using King Arthur - part bread flour, part all-purpose), and I live in a humid part of the country, but haven't ever had any such trouble with them, myself.

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Polishcook-BBA is the Bread Baker's Apprentice, an excellent book by Peter Reinhart.  I have made this recipe and the Cook's Illustrated recipe, and much preferred the BBA buns.  I think the sourdough was a separate comment, because the recipe uses commercial yeast.


seandev-I think you may have gotten your dough too warm, or melted your butter.  I have made this recipe using weights and using volume, and never had the problem you describe.  The dough is loose for sure, but not soupy.  I don't think it should be a ball in the mixer, though.  It should probably clean the sides, but be attached to the bottom of the mixer bowl.