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3/10/10 - Improvised Graham Flour Boules

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3/10/10 - Improvised Graham Flour Boules

Hey All,

Just wanted to share with you my recent bake from 3/10/10.  These are improvised graham flour boules.  I didn't have a lot of graham flour laying around, so I made it up out of stuff I had in the kitchen.  Enjoy!

I am dedicating these to dmsnyder who demands a crumbshot!


Total Formula

1430g - AP - 60%

524g BF - 22%

14% - Coarse Wheat Bran - 14% (Shilo Farms Organic)

96g - Wheat Germ - 4% (Bob's Red Mill)

1788g - Water - 75%

48g - Kosher Salt - 2%

5g - Active Dry Yeast - 0.2%

4126g - Total Dough Yield


Liquid Levain (125% Hydration)

238g - AP

298g - Water

24g - Firm SD Starter (60%)

560g - Total


Stiff Levain (65% Hydration)

476g - AP

168g - Water

560g - Liquid Levain

1204g Total


Final Dough

714g - AP

524g - BF

334g - Coarse Wheat Bran

95g - Wheat Germ

1332g - Water

48g - Kosher Salt

5g - Active Dry Yeast

1204g - Stiff Levain



Evening Day 1

6:45pm - Mix Liquid Levain, cover, let rest on counter.

9:10pm - Stir levain, cover let rest.

Day 2 (midnight)

12:00am - Mix stiff levain, cover, let rest 30 mins.

12:30am - Knead stiff levain for a minute or so until smooth, form ball, cover, place in fridge.

Evening Day 2

6:20pm - Take stiff levain out of fridge.

7:10pm - Mix final dough, autolyse 40 minutes.

8:00pm - Turn dough

8:30pm - Turn dough

9:00pm - Turn dough

9:30pm - Turn dough

10:30pm - Divide into 4, shape boules, place in linen lined baskets, proofe for  45 to 60 minutes.  Place 2 stones in oven along with steam pan.  Preheat oven to 550F with convection.

11:45pm - Turn boules out onto peel, slash as desired, place in oven directly on stone.  After all are in, place 1 cup of water in steam pan, close door, turn down to 460F, bake with no convection for 10 minutes.  Turn convection on for 20 minutes.  Rotate loaves, bake for another 30 minutes with convection at 430F.  Loaves are done when internal temp reaches 210F.  Cool completely before cutting.



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What is it ?  I'm sure its a DUH moment but I cannot figure it out.

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Active Dry Yeast...

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Should have known a typo, thanks.

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There should be no confusion now...

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They look and I bet taste great.  I hope one day to be able to have a finished formula looking as good as yours, which be worthy to dedicate to DM......

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Thanks!  They were, are really great...  The even cooler thing is that I baked them on 3/10...  I cut into my loaf on 3/14, and it was still good.  I ate some more on 3/15, and 3/16, still good.  Starting to dry out a little, but still amazingly edible.  Toasts up great, and tastes wonderful with hummus, goat cheese, olives, and pickled herring (separately)...  I wonder if DM has seen it yet...

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Looks good!


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Those look awesome, Tim.  I hope you don't mind that I featured them up on the homepage.

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Thanks Floyd!  It's no problem.  It's nice to be up there again along with Mini and Shiao-Ping...  :o)

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Mini Oven

Congratulations on joining us on the homepage! 

Have you noticed the increasing amounts of bran popping up in recipes?  There is experimenting going on no doubt influenced by your recipe posting!  Isn't it great?


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I probably need some more fiber in my diet anyway...