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Who bakes with a Morphy Richards Breadmaker?

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Who bakes with a Morphy Richards Breadmaker?

I have used a Breadman breadmaker for several years with pretty good results, but as breadmakers go it is not in the elite or higher end products, and it is getting tired.   I really want to get a breadmachine that is built well enough to last another 10 or more years.

I have been doing some research on the subject and it seems to point to the British made Morphy Richards Breadmaker

These breadmachines seem to be getting the most consistently better reviews on Amazon and other places on the net, but I was hoping that someone has been using one and could tell me more about these breadmakers.



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I don't know about their bread machine but their stand mixer, which I use to make 4-loaf batches of bread, is an amazing machine; very powerful, 700-watts motor, a brute!

Jeanlou in Montréal

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hi robin,

i've owned a basic morphy richards breadmaker for over 10 years and it's been great. i haven't used it much to bake bread, but i've used it a lot to mix and proof the dough. the only problem i  have had is that i've had to buy a couple of new pans, as the seals in the bottom of them gradually wore out over a few years. but it has been used a lot! if i were to buy another one i would buy another morphy richards.

hope this helps a bit. good luck.