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Looking for Dense, Chewy Multigrain and Seed Recipe

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Looking for Dense, Chewy Multigrain and Seed Recipe

I'm looking for a European-style dense, chewy loaf, rather than the levain type.

The Noe Valley Bakery in San Francisco makes one and calls it "7x7" bread" (seven grains and seven seeds)


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It's a South African favorite (for good reason!).  I googled for recipes, came up with a bunch, but don't know which might be the most "authentic".  You might try this one, since it seems to be fairly representative of what I found.


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this is pretty authentic I think, close to what I do, though I do not weigh the seeds but just grab a handful of mixed seeds and throw them in :)

It is a very quick bread to make and pretty easy. I do tend to use a little less yeast and a longer proof, (about an hour until doubled) give it a good mix again to knock it back, leave for another 30 mins then into the oven.

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Have you thought about adding a portion of flour which has been pre-cooked?   A boil-up always gives a wonderfully chewy bread, on account of it both de-naturing the protein in the flour, and enabling extra water absorption as the starch molecules swell up.

Best wishes