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Adding Red Fife flour...

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Adding Red Fife flour...

I saw some organic Red Fife flour in my local bulk barn ($3.75 /kg) which looked interesting so bought it. Now I'm not sure what to do with it. Would you substitute it 1:1 for bread flour or perhaps just a % of the whole?

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So you can use it any way you wish. I got some Red Turkey flour a while ago and, although it's bolted whole wheat, it stand on its own quite nicely.


I hope these heritage varieties like Red Fife and Turkey gain in popularity.

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Here is my loaf. It's quite good - I imagine it will go lovely with a bowl of tastes 'hearty'. I will definately make it again.

Please excuse the slashes..I was playing

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We have Wisconsin grown, stone ground Red Fife flour available!  Our 2016 crop was excellent.  Visit to learn more about the heritage wheat of Wisconsin, and to purchase Red Fife flour and wheat berries.  Thank you!

Below shot is of a pizza made with Red Fife crust.  I have used Red Fife in everything from bread to pancakes.  Great stuff and easy to work with.

Red Fife Pizza made with Anarchy Acres Red Fife flour