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Moisture Meter

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Moisture Meter

Hi.  I think it would be very helpful to have a moisture meter to check the moisture content of my sour dough.  I have never been able to find one.  Can anyone tell me where I might?  Has anyone ever used one?  I tried using my soil moisture meter, but dough is so moist that it reads right off the scale.  The manufacturer has not answered my query about whether I could solder a resistor into it that would put the dough oisture level within the range of the meter.

                                            Rocky the Wannabe Italian Bread Baker


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Well, the problem is going to be finding a moisture meter with a probe that is (1) food safe (2) works at 200 deg.C (3) affordable. That is a tough set of requirements as the high-temperature one is hard to meet.


My test instrument catalogs are all at work, so I won't be able to check until Monday, but off the top of my head you could look at:


Cole-Parmer Instruments (Cole-Parmer's food industry division)


Omega Engineering


Specialized Products


But you have to really dig to find something affordable if you go those routes.




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Wow - now you have me interested in this topic.


Unfortunately there is no image with this description of a historical instrument.


Here's some heavy-duty bread testing equipment! I particularly like the automatic bread slice analyzer.


This one looks as if it might work for cold dough. Product name is Mannix MMG608 if the link does not work.


Well, that's all I can do now. Google "dough moisture meter" and a lot of stuff comes up. If you can get mail at your work address a lot of these places will send you catalogs - just put your title as Senior Dough Technolgist.




PS.01: Here's an interesting reference:

Control of final moisture content of food products baked in continuous tunnel ovens

Ian McFarlane 2006 Meas. Sci. Technol. 17 241-248 doi:10.1088/0957-0233/17/2/003

Abstract. There are well-known difficulties in making measurements of the moisture content of baked goods (such as bread, buns, biscuits, crackers and cake) during baking or at the oven exit; in this paper several sensing methods are discussed, but none of them are able to provide direct measurement with sufficient precision. [...]