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The Modern Baker Challenge

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The Modern Baker Challenge

If you are looking for a diversion from artisan breads, or you just want to expand your baking horizons, surf over to The Modern Baker Challenge and check out the new venture some of us are undertaking.

Like the BBA Challenge, which I just completed, we are going to bake our way through an entire book: Nick Malgieri's The Modern Baker. Nick's book contains sections on quick breads, yeast breads, tarts, pies, and cakes. There are about 150 recipes in all. And, yes, I am planning to bake every last one of them.

We'd love to have to bake with us. Or just follow along as we set out on this new challenge.

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Sounds intriguing. Can you give us some background on The Modern Baker and your experience with it?

When it comes to baking, I'm a one-trick-pony: it's either artisan bread or Duncan Hines cake mix. I've tried my hand at sponge cakes and other basics, but have failed almost every time. It's not something I have a lot of passion for, but I do feel the need to improve in other areas of baking. If The Modern Baker is as useful a tool as BBA, I might give it a try...

Eric B.

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In the introduction to the book, Nick Malgieri writes:

I love to bake, and I love teaching others to bake, too....[T]his whole book is very technique oriented, with explanations about the hows and whys of what you'll be doing at the beginning of each chapter.

In my limited experience with the book (I've baked 2 recipes so far and browsed the techniques, ingredients, and equipment sections), his passions for baking and teaching really come through.

I'm a little like you in that I'm primarily a bread baker. I have made cakes with some success, but pies and tarts have always been beyond my grasp. That's actually why I am doing this challenge. I want to learn to bake by diving in and tackling things I've never thought of trying before on my own.

Whether it proves to be as useful as BBA, only time will tell. So far, I think it will.


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if you were to propose said challenge in the winter, I would sign up... but I wont sign up to deal with temptation of delicious baked goods sitting in my kitchen during beach season.

good luck


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We will be baking through a few beach seasons, which means we'll also be baking through a few winters. Feel free to jump in anytime!