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Rustic Program for Zojirushi

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Rustic Program for Zojirushi

I just purchased a Zojirushi breadmaker and would like to know if anyone has some program details for rustic/artisan style breads to program into the machine. 

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I have used bread makers for a while, but once you have made it to this site, you have graduated to a new level of baking!

I sold my Zo at a garage sale last year (for $125... it held its value!)  There is really no comparison to what you can make by hand.

I don't regret my times with a bread machine (I have owned three), but they were stepping stones to discovering how much I like making bread by hand.

I was worried I would grow sick of the work of hand kneading... but I have made way more bread by hand than I ever did with the machine (it really is easier.)

 Good Luck!