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Viking Mixer - Is this normal?!

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Viking Mixer - Is this normal?!


A couple weeks ago I bought a reconditioned Viking 7 qt. mixer as an upgrade to my 4.5 qt. KitchenAid ultra-power. Lots more capacity and power! I've made two batches of pizza dough (30 oz water, 20 oz flour, yeast & salt).

I'm concerned with the noise and "jumpy" motion of the dough-hook. They guy I bought it from (McNichols Electric) says this is just a normal function of the electronic transmission and that I should turn up the speed to give it more power. Even running empty the Viking sounds a lot different than the KA, so if this is normal I'll just get used to it.

If anyone with experience with this mixer can weigh in I'd appreciate it!

Here's a short video clip so you can see/hear what I'm talking about. mixer_video

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I don't have a Viking mixer but I do have a Kitchen Aid I've had for about 15 years. So not having a Viking I can't say for sure but to me the sound that the machine is making doesn't sound right. It sounds like something is scraping.


My old Kitchen Aid rocks around like that but it's because I've used the heck out of it and my son says that he needs to put new bearings in it. I had thought about replacing the mixer but my son tells me that the old machines are much better made than the new ones and I would be better off letting him repair the one I have. So depending on the age of the machine it is very likely you have a machine that would be worth repairing if it turns out that there is something wrong with it.


I would take the mixer to a Viking authorized repair shop and have them take a look at it. If you have a warranty and something is wrong with the machine then you have documented proof and they should pay to get it fixed. If there is no warranty I would still take it and have it repaired if need be. At least you would know for sure if the machine was working correctly or not.

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thanks BettyR

I got it from an authorized repair shop - they get the mixers directly from Viking. So it was apparently "updated to the most current specifications, completely tested, thoroughly cleaned and repackaged for resale" just a few weeks ago.

That's why I'm curious if this is just the way Vikings operate...

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I have a Viking 5 qt. mixer I bought through King Arthur a few years ago.  That high-pitched squeaking sound does sound a bit odd, but the movement looked perfectly normal to me.