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Hi, New guy from central NY

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Hi, New guy from central NY

Just wanted to post a quick hello... I am a complete newbie to not only this site but to baking in general.  i found this site because i had always wanted to bake a simple loaf of bread and found it intimidating.   I have now made one loaf of the lesson 1 " your first loaf".  it was fun. right now i am letting lesson 2 rise.  we'll see how it goes.  a little about me i work from home most of the time so it makes trying new things during the week easy.  I look forward to learning more as i go.


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I hope you enjoy all the recipes and techniques that are on this website. The articles and forums are a great resource to bakers at any skill level.

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Hi marenictk,

Where in CNY are you?

I am from the Utica/Rome area and have been a long time lurker here.  I would comment a lot more, but I am not as knowledgeable as most on here.

There is no better resource on the web to learn about bread baking.  

Cheers, TomG


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I just thought of something else.

To learn bread baking more quickly, make sure to surf the web to find videos of the techniques that you read/hear about.

I found my first few loaves very daunting, learned quite a bit from reading, but really started to catch on watching videos of dough handling and baking.

Enjoy your quest.

Cheers,  TomG