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Case study project

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Case study project

Hi people! I'm so glad I found this page. I'm a Croatian student (so sorry for my English) doing case study project for my college about starting new line of unleavened bread in a healthy food business. That means I need bakery equipment which is about hardest thing for me in whole project. That's why I need you! :) What is basic equipment I need to have for making bread and what are average prices for every one of them (my budget is 200 000 euros)? What maufacturers do you suggest? Any tips are very welcome =)



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i can't help you on the equipment but i can wish you all the luck in the world. i hope you achieve your dream.


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First, Katarina, your English is excellent.  Actually, it's better than what I've seen written on some local U.S. forums!

I'm not a professional baker and hope that one of the pros here will step in and offer advice, but I do know you will need a deck oven that provides steam, and of course a work bench with a good wood surface, instant read thermometers, bench knives for dividing dough, bowls/containers, brotforms, bannetons, and couches.  I'm probably missing things, but it's a start.

As to the cost, I can only suggest you use Google and search for bakery equipment.  

I hope this is of some small asssistance and wish you well on your case study project.


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Thank you very much both! ;) Lindy, it's sure a nice start when talking about smaller equipment which, again, I know nothing about. But yes, I'm googleing these days a lot.


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Mini Oven

You will need ovens... hmmm... unleavened bread, can you be more spicific?  How much flour do you plan to work?  Who are your customers and how many do you think you are baking for?

Ovens, mixer, some carts, racks and dough tubs.  Tables...  I have no idea... I'm also a home baker but someone might give you some ideas to send you in the right direction.


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I highly recommend as one source Peter Reinhart's "American Pie." He is a great supporter of fermentation and what it can do for your breads. He has other great books: "Bread Baker's Apprentice.  "American Pie" is about the search for the worlds best Pizza but his technique for making focaccia is unsurpassable.

Good Luck



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I have pretty much given up trying to make a beautiful artisan loaf of sour dough bread.  Everything is ok except the color and "ear.' Taste is great and texture is ok too. 

So I would like to try sour dough in a bread machine.  Any one got any recipies ?

My problem with the bread is my oven.  I have tried: cast iron skillet with hot water, lava rocks, pizza stone, spray water into oven every 10 minutes for 3 times. 

Any help would be appreciated 

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Katarina, I don't know what brands of appliances are available in Croatia. But for larger than home baking amounts of dough you will need a commercial mixer. I have a Hobart 20-quart mixer (ca. 19 litre) - Hobart is the commercial brand of KitchenAid.

You also need a commercial oven, since the temperatures for flatbreads have to be really high, but they are flat, I would assume a pizza oven would be the right choice. For flatbreads you don't need steam injection, but definitely baking stones.

I would buy everything at a place that sells used restaurant appliances - many restaurants or cafes go out of business, and there are a lot of used appliances on the market. My mixer, for example, would have cost new more than $4000.-, I got it used for 2,500.

A great ressource for your project would be the book by Jeffrey Alford/Naomi Duguid: "Flatbreads & Flavors " ( won a James Beard Award).

Good luck for your project!