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First try at French Bread

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Scone Boy

First try at French Bread

My first try at French Bread went well. I followed the formula in the BBA so it was a full-flavored bread.

What I want to work on next time is a more open crumb characteristic of the best French Breads. Mine had a fairly small crumb with a few large pockets here and there. What I'm trying to figure out is how to create a more open crumb. Part of the problem, I know, is that I have an old, crappy oven that doesn't cook evenly. But is that all? Did I not handle it gently enough after primary fermentation?

What are your suggestions for creating a more open crumb?


Scone Boy

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Not that i'm any good, but there is improvement.  There are a lot of helpful posts here, but reading only helps so much, just keep making bread.


You might try and rotate your loaf from time to time to make it even.  Even in a good oven, you might want to do this.  Some of the people here put there bread in clay thing in the oven.  Here's an old post about it, i haven't tried it, but one of these day...


Just have fun and not worry to much about it, that's the main thing.