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Gidday from Australia, Maybe you guys can help me with a problem?

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Gidday from Australia, Maybe you guys can help me with a problem?

Hello there fellow bakers and others. 

I have stumbled upon this fascinating website while doing some research for a problem I am having in the hot bread shop (small bakehouse) where I am employed. 

I have been a baker for close to 30 years (wow I wish I didn't just have to think about that), and the issue I am having is a new one on me. 

Big holes in the sandwich bread.  Always in the usual spot, around 4 to 5 slices from either end.  This only happens in the summer...when I said "hot bread shop" I wasn't kidding.  When the weather cools a little, it is not such a problem.  This suggests a dough temperature problem, however even when the dough is cooled off by using refrigerated water, the problem still exists.

Now, I work for someone else and at the end of the day, all production/formula changes are his call and he is reluctant to make any changes and needs quite a lot of convincing to do so. 

What I am hoping for is some kind of consensus, so I can at least mention that several other people are of the same opinion.

Some info that may be of help

The formula is a standard one

100% flour

3% yeast (compressed)

2% salt

2% fat

1% bread improver (info here  It's the "Deluxe improver 1% )

60% +/- Water

Mixing time 3 minutes slow speed 10 minutes high speed in a spiral mixer.

Dough is cut and divided immediately and left to rest for 15 to 20 minutes on the bench before being molded,  four pieced and placed in tins. 

Whats interesting is, we get hi tin and Vienna loaves from this same dough and the holes in them are negligible.  It seems to only be the four pieced sandwich loaves that are causing a problem. 

Thanks in advance for any assistance anyone may offer....My own thoughts are, perhaps cut the yeast down to 2% and or put the bread in the oven slightly smaller.

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HI Palice greetings from Perth WA

Are your dough pieces being hand moulded  or put through a machine?

If you put your dough pieces in the tin in a different order  does the hole still appear in the end pieces?

Reducing the yeast will slow the dough down, what temps are you working with, bakehouse flour water and finished dough.

When i worked in a hot bread shop it was at the start of the trend and initially i was given a free hand and the bread that came out was all mine as the  group expanded and opened new shops they appointed a young whiz kid general manager who started to tell me what to put in the bread. We didn't stay together long after that. The businesse were later franchised out and after a couple of years some one i knew had the shop that i had run, he asked me to help out one night it was an eye opener, all the trade we had built up over 13 months had evaporated, where we had an order book and the bread was paid for at the time of ordering (paid in advance ) had gone from the nights production to half a dozen loaves. 

And whereabouts in Aus are you ?


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Hi Yozza!

Thanks for the reply.  I should have mentioned, they are machine molded.  They are 4 pieced by hand with a scraper, and put in the tin.  The order of the 4 pieces is random believe it or not, because two of us are doing it and we both put the dough in the tin in a different manner. 

Naturally it is nigh on impossible to say if one way has no holes while the other way does, but guessing from the recent amount of holes, I would suggest not.

I will get back to you tomorrow on all the temperatures.  I will need to get more accurate temperatures than guesswork.

I am in Victoria, in a country town.