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Hi, Mechanic from Iowa who likes to cook

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Hi, Mechanic from Iowa who likes to cook

I am new here tried the museli bread recipie, I made a post of how I did it, I am hooked! I also like electric helicopters. The last 2 months I have been working with yeast. I have always appreciated my family predecessors, Grandmas mostly, for their cooking ability.

I don't have the mixers, just a small hand one, the rest is grunt work.LOL!

I have learned so much and look forward to burning some flour. I worked on Nitro cars, we burn nitro. I work on cars we burn gas. I work through the day, I burn daylight. Hence Burn Flour!LOL Bakers are hardcore too! Thanks for being here. Tom


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Welcome Tom and take care or you will become a baker who also likes to work on cars!


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I am from Southern MN and most of my family came from SW Iowa, a lot of Swedish immigrants. The bread baking certainly came from that side of the family. I think we are lucky to have a nice, warm hobby to get us through our winters.

I used to knead the bread myself (and that certainly is preferred in most cases) and found it relaxing and very therapeutic. However, once I was hooked, my Kitchen Aid only encouraged me to make more....and more...Andrea

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Tom:  Great you've joined the club, you'll be glad you did and so will your family and friends.  My grandma died too soon, but her six daughters, some married, some not, kept the tradition.  My mother was one of the married ones and they all baked all the bread eaten in their various households.  I'm widowed and live alone, now, but I do too.  My standard bread is 2/3 whole wheat to 1/3 white to roughly 1 -  1/4 cups water and 1 to 2 tsp dry yeast dissolved in that 1/4 cup water and later, salt, of course.  Why only one loaf at a time?  More than one is too much and freezer is small.   Depending on mood, time, desire, whatever, might add cracked wheat, or bulgar (both partially pre-cooked), raisans, nuts or whatever seems right.  Otherwise, just the basic ingredients.  Generally speaking, whatever you bake and/or experiment, will be worth eating!