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German doppelback

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German doppelback

I'm searching for a recipe for a German bread called "Doppelback" (lit. "double-baked"). My parents came to visit me in Germany back when I lived over there, and my father fell in love with this bread. I'd love to recreate it for him (if I'm able, since I'm a really new baker), but am finding it difficult to track down a recipe.

Any suggestions would be very gratefully welcomed. Thanks in advance!


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Are you sure it's not doppelbrot?

Brot is German for bread.

Here's a recipe:
400 g. rye flour
150 g. white flour
200 g. of sourdough starter
350 g. water
30 g. yeast
1 TBS salt

Mix all of there ingredients together and need until the dough is satiny. Let it sit in a warm place until doubled. Deflate the dough softly. Shape into a loaf and score with a sharp knife. Cover with plastic wrap and let it double again. Bake at 425 for ten minutes and then reduce your heat to 375 and bake for an additional 45 minutes.

I got this recipe out of a cookbook that my great-Aunt left me. All of her recipes were handwritten and, since she was born in Amish country, the measurements are in metric. Try it out and see how it goes. :)

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I wish it were, but it's definitely "Doppelback." My understanding when we had it back in the day was that it was literally baked twice; it had a tremendously thick crust, although the bread itself seemed to be pretty standard rye.

But this recipe does sound tasty! :-D Thank you!