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Looking for fresh ground flour in Mcminnville

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Looking for fresh ground flour in Mcminnville

Hello. I am looking for some fresh ground Spelt and Fresh ground wheat flour. Is there anyone in McMinnville that can give or sell me some? We used to live in Sequim WA and there was a wonderful lady who ground her own and gave classes and sold her cookies and breads to the healthfood stores there.

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I don't know where Mcminnville is but I do ship across the country if you are interested.


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I'm near Knoxville (McMinnville is near Nashville TN) and I've started looking, too.

I wonder if some of the Amish Communities to the south of you.  I plan to go to the Artisan Bread Day over in Asheville NC later this month and there're some comments that there may be an emergent cottage industry over there for custom non-GM flour milling from specific wheats.  Maybe someone else on here knows specifics. 

Unfortunately I-40 is still closed by that pesky landslide so the trip over takes longer nowadays.