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Anyone know the laws controling home bread baking in North Carolina?

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Anyone know the laws controling home bread baking in North Carolina?

I have a friend baking and selling and she got asked the question today.

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you not only could bake/sell commercially out of your home kitchen, but asking the Dept of Agriculture to inspect your kitchen was optional. I was glad I did because he told me that the popular "baked bread in a jar" I was making was prone to botulism. Have your friend check with the Dept of Ag for current info.

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I live in Brevard and baked cheesecakes and coffee cakes out of my home for a business.  I had to have my kitchen inspected. 

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Here is the information for home-food processing in NC which includes a number of different non potentially hazardous foods:

If you are interested in building your own outdoor hearth in NC that is also allowed and the NCDA will assist in helping you follow the regs for building the outdoor oven. Good luck!

NC has changed their process a bit, home-based bakers must now complete an application for home kitchen inspections and really need to provide a bit more information about thier home-based baking business plan.

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I'd been on your site once before and found most of the information after I asked the question. Thanks again.