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 I tried this recipe this am.

I did every thing according to the recipe except when it came to adding the last of the ingredients I used a hook on my KA-Pro.  Like Jasons Cibatta I beat the h out of it for about 20 -25 minutes and then it started to come together.  I followed the recipe from then on.  I thought my KA would jump off the counter at next to high speed.

One loaf right side was baked in the LaCloche the one on the right on a stone. The crumb was outstanding and the crust nice and chewey.  I baked for 22 minutes at 450.  Took the lid of the LaCloche in 10 minutes  to finish browning the crust.

I tried the loaf on the left last night as the other was gone. It was outstanding with very large holes and a chewy crust

Mr Bob