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and Hi from Indiana

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and Hi from Indiana

I've baked bread off and on, even captured wild yeasties for sourdoughs.  I became obsessed with artisan breads, read Bread Alone like a juicy, lurid novel and then made a trek to Mr. Leader's bakery in New York just so I could smell, look and taste.  I am even making my own baking stones out of terra cotta clay, custom designed for my home oven.  I am still seeking the best spring and the perfect crust; )


 This site is my favorite read with my morning cup of coffee.  The reference to the raisin snails overcame my hesitancy to post.  As soon as I can refill my flour container at my local mill, I am making these.  I don't like gooey sweet rolls where the taste of the fruit and the bread is hidden by sweet but these, with apricots especially, sound divine.