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Hello from Idaho

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Hello from Idaho

Hello all TFL members from Idaho.  I've been poking around the site since last fall when my bread making quest finally killed my KA and I started researching new mixers (incidentally I chose the DLX).   I've been overwhelmed by all the wonderful information available here and thank you all for your expertise and dedication to the art.  I'm a novice bread maker, but an avid cook.  Baking is my favorite past time, and the only hobby I'm allowed to pursue right now, family first.  I started baking bread again a little over a year ago, and am now totally spoiled.  The smell of home baked bread in the toaster is like morning coffee to me.   And when the smell of fresh baked bread is in the house, it feels like a sin to leave.  Store bought will never do again.  I love to experiment, and try new recipes at least 4 times a week.  Cookies and desserts are my favorite things to make, but the artisan breads have been calling to me lately.  I'm looking forward to learning and hope one of these days, after lots of practice, I'll have some things to contribute.

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Hi! I'm from Idaho too! glad to have you and can't wait to see the things you post :-) Happy Baking