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Bread Flour

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Bread Flour

Has anyone experienced foreign particles like the size of you little finger tip or a small marble in Gold Medal Better for Bread Flour.

I had this happen about 6 weeks ago but the flour was bought in a different state than the bag I just purchased here in Arizona.

The first particles were quite small almost like a raisin which was what I thought they were.  I emailed the company they responded quite quickly and apologized for the problem and asked me to send in the particles which I did and I also asked to them to let me know what they were to this date I heard nothing.

I purchased here in Arizona 3 more bags if the Better for bread flour. The first time I was making bread I saw a large lump in the flour and stopped the mixer quickly. This particle resembled the last only thins one was quite large.  I emailed the company and so far have heard nothing. Of course I do not dare to use any of the flour as they all have the same dating.

Originaly they were very cordial and sent me 2 coupons for 2 packages of flour. The price of flour is very expensive so I got ½ off the bag of flour with a coupon. I think the stores price at 150 to 200% over cost any way so nothing for nothing as they say.

I would appreciate any information from users if they have experienced the same problem.



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Can you describe the particles you're referring to?  Better yet, can you gather a few and post a quick picture of them?

Sometimes flour bags are shipped or stored in a refrigerator -- possibly for lack of other storage space on a truck.  When the palate of cold flour bags is then unloaded and stored at room temperature, they can develop condensation in the bags as the flour warms up.  That moisture can cause some of the flour to form lumps, and these lumps don't always break apart when a dough is being mixed.

I had that problem with a purveyor's flour until I brought it to their attention, and the storage was corrected.

Now, if there's some sort of foreign matter in the flour, that's a different story.

--Dan DiMuzio

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Hi Dan

 Do not think this is a piece of flour. It is black in color as you can see also like a rock . I had the same kind of particles in flour I bought in the mid west a month or so back when I was traveling.

Here is one link with a piece of the particle that is much larger than the fierst 3-4 that was in the previous flour from another state.

I will also try to up load here

Mr. Bob


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I have NEVER seen anything like that in flour and I sure would like to know what it is.


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Hi Jeff

Thanks for the input. I wish I knew also. Kind of scary and hearing nothing from the company kind of inappropriate also.

Thanks again

Mr. Bob

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Mini Oven

It's high time you posted all the info on the bag so we can avoid it.  Lot number, date, batch number etc. and where exactly you bought it.  We do have the right to protect ourselves! 

Even the little rocks can be nasty, I once lost a tooth to a small rock. 


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Hi Mini


I can do that but not sure what it will solve. One bag with the same particles came from back mid west to east not sure where I bought it. I travel 6 months in a Motor Coach and live in it also. This one bag of 4 I just purchased at a store in Surprise AZ. So if you are in this area you can email me.  Really not fair to post the name as they certainly have no control and to create a problem that might not be a problem till The company at least responds and give me a possible answer not really fair. I do have the bag and all that information was sent to Gold Medal on the link for problems on their web page.

Thank you for your interest and I agree it is again quite scary. It is hard enough to break a tooth but also big enough to see in a piece of bread.



 Mr Bob

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So, I'm still thinking that it's malt. Do you currently have any of the chunks? If so, try dissolving one in a little bit of boiling water. If it's malt, it should dissolve very easily and give off a very malty/beer-ish aroma. If this is the case, the chunks are just a manufacturing fault and nothing to worry about. Even if they make it into your dough, they will just break down during mixing and add to the overall sugar content of your bread.

Either way, this seems like a good argument for always sifting your flour.

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I'm not familiar with this flour and whether it has barley malt added, but I do brew beer and know that chunks of powdered malt can form quite easily from general humidity and they can look a lot like that. Maybe they are having some mixing problems at the mill?

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The GM Better for Bread flour is malted and unbleached.  I've been using it for the past two years strictly for my levain.  Fortunately I've never come across anything in the bag but flour.

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Have you tried to buy 50# bags of flour.  I see you are in Arizona but don't know where. There is a company in Denver called Dawn foods. They also have a location in Phoenix. They have almost two pages of different flours on their catalog. You can only buy 50# bags however.  They are relatively cheap, $14 TO $20 per bag depending on which flour you like.  I use King Aurthur - Sir Galahad $13.63 per bag.

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O M G  Thanks for the info. I go through 30-40 lbs a month and all at $3 and as high as 4.50 for 5 lbs. plus mostly Gold medal I sure would like to try King Arthur.

Thanks again

Mr. Bob

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You are one unlucky guy Mr. Bob. I bake a lot and usually mix by hand and have never ever seen any solid matter in the flour. My standard bread flour has been the Better For Bread that you mention, purchased in 5 or 10 pound bags. The unlikely chance that you would get lumps from bags purchased in different markets, hundreds of miles apart makes me wonder if there isn't something in your environment that could be introducing these clumps. Just a thought.


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Hmmmmmmm. You kow deric if it is going to happen it will happen to me

Do not think it is the environment unless they flying around invisible and can penetrate the bag the flour comes in or while I am measuring it for bread.  I now sift any way as recomended in the forum up a few posts lol. Waiting to hear from GM what it is. I have called and have got some ones tail going.

Will post when I find out any way.

Thanks for the reply