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Pain de Campagne Poilane - Claypot

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Pain de Campagne Poilane - Claypot

For the love of bread,  I woke up 5 am,  with 4 hours of sleep just to see this bread rise and baked.  I didn't regret.  

Adapted from Bernard Clayton's New Complete Book of Breads,  I tried my hand again on this Pain de Campagne Poilane.  In addition,  I also tried using a claypot to bake this.  

I'm quite satisfied with my results,  the crust was crispy,  the texture is amazingly soft unlike those others that I tried.  I would have liked more holes,  but I think what matters is the taste.  The taste is good,  a little sweetness, if I changed to sourdough,  it probably has better effect.

My 3 days experiences are here with recipe:


By the way - after it cooled, the boule cracked a little and seem to have shrunk. Is that normal?



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The bread looks great. I too wake up at 5am to check on my bread. The first night I baked I could not sleep. Http://

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Thank you.  The loaf that you have in your blog is very very lovely.  Somehow,  I need to learn how to shape my loaves better.  And I love the write up on the wood oven,  I would love to own one,  but definitely not in Asia.....I have not seen an wood oven in anyone's home as yet,  I'd be surprised to find one though.  Maybe in rural part of China,  where baking/cooking is still coal base.

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your bread is beautiful. i also cook bread in a clay pot. my husband & i love it. much tastier than in the bread machine which is what i made bread in previously.


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Thanks Claudia - yes,  it is tastier, and crispier too, compare to my other loaf.  It even browned better as I don't have a baking stone yet.....difficult to find baking stone in Shanghai,  claypot is a good alternative I guess.

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That is a good idea! your bread looks great too. I will get one for myself when I go back to KL next.