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Baumkuchen in LA Times

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Baumkuchen in LA Times

I had never heard of this cake, but my husband was pleased to see pictures of the cake his High School German teacher had described to his class so many years ago.

You can see all the hard work in the LA Times Food Section

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When I was in Japan during Christmas and New Years, they had baumkuchen all over the place.  It's pretty cool and yummy!

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I try to make it at least once a year.  I don't have a rotisserie suitable for the task so I simply build it, layer by layer, on a horizontal surface in my oven  -  usually a cake pan, but I have used a simple baking sheet,  If I build each thin layer on top of the next the layers bake evenly and the resulting cake does have somewhat uneven sides but trimming them with a sharp knife evens things up and makes it more presetable.  Coated with honey or raspberry preserves, ummm good.

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That's fascinating!  I'd seen a recipe originally in the Joy of Chocolate, made as flournwater describes, and I've read many other recipes since, but I'd never seen pictures of the finished product.  Thanks for that.

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Nice photos.

We were discussing "Spit Cake" just a couple of months ago here: