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yeast vs sugar

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yeast vs sugar

Hello to all, here is my question:

I have dough working nicely but scaled up  to 20kg end up owerproofed (prob. becouse fridge cant handle it as 1kg) what would happen later in baking if i go on less sugar or lessyeast

this is recipe:  ADY 2% Sugar 3% Water 56% Oil 5% Salt 2,4% Milk in powder (1% fat) 2%

Thank you

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Hi djurina,

I can't say I understand your queston 100%.

Without knowing what kind of dough you are trying to produce generally, 2% ADY  seems high. French or Italian straight doughs call for approx 2.75% Fresh yeast. To convert to ADY use anywhere approx 40% of FY. This will take some experimentation depending on how active your dry yeast is. This puts you in the range of 1.1%

What is dough temp when it comes out of mixer? If dough temp is too high it will overferment, even under refrigeration. Typically an 80 deg temp out of mixer is sufficient to ferment most bread or pizza doughs at room temp or approx 1.5 hrs. or 75 deg for 2 hrs.

If your dough is coming out of your mixer too warm, there is a formula to calculate final dough temp.

Example: Dough temp needed 80 deg F

Flour temp + Room Temp + Machine Friction(variable) + Water Temp

FT + RT + MF + ?

desired temp x 3, minus FT + RT + MF

80 x 3 = 240

68 + 72 + 20 = 160

240 - 160 = 80

Conversely, you can figure out your mixers friction # by

(3 x DT)  - RT + FT + WT


I hope thi helps