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A South London Variation on Vermont Sourdough

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A South London Variation on Vermont Sourdough

A few times in recent weeks I have baked the Vermont sourdough from Jeffrey Hammelman's book 'Bread' or the variation called Norwich More-Sourdough on the Wild Yeast Website (here). Familiarity has made me feel confident enough to make my own small modification to the recipe so this weekend I made a version that replaced all of the rye flour in the Wild Yeast recipe with spelt flour.

South London SourdoughSouth London Sourdough 2

I was really pleased with the results. The crumb was open, the taste nutty and the crust pleasing. What I  enjoyed most of all was the sense of satisfaction I got from modifying a recipe successfully  for the first time.

It was a small change I'll admit but I definitely think it is one that I will be keeping. I want to do more experimentation with spelt flour too.

This next weekend we have house guests so Have to start thinking about what bread we will want. More soon

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Fun, isn't it?  It's a great feeling to know you can change a recipe successfully!  Your loaf looks terrific!


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Mini Oven

to South London Sourdough!  I just love spelt!

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It's a great bread, isn't it? I return to it again and again.

Have you tried substituting wholegrain wheat for the rye in the original recipe? That changes the flavour quite a touch of sweetness and also affects the texture of the crumb. 

Thanks for the lead on spelt - will have to give that a go too. To maintain openness of crumb, I'd have thought you'd need to increase the water a little to counter the absorption properties of the spelt, but your crumb looks terrif.

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Thanks for all the encouraging remarks guys. I am just in the process of making another loaf now and because I was a little short of white bread flour have used a mix of bread flour, spelt and rye. Will report back on the results

Enjoy the weekend