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Any modifications needed for baking on a stone vs pan?

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Any modifications needed for baking on a stone vs pan?



I'm new here and also new to making breads (other than using breadmachine). A couple weeks ago I started making simple Boule that I found in "5 minutes a day for fresh bread". 


I was going to try a different recipe I found in a bread book. The recipe says to put it in a bread loaf pan. Is there any modification to the recipe if I want to make more of a round artisan sytle of bread?


Thanks and I'll keep reading the forums & lessons.


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A lot of formulas for breads intended to be baked in a pan develolp from a slack dough that doesn't hold its shape well if it isn't confined.  There are other reasons for using a pan instead of a hearth method vis-a-vi a stone or similar style but I've never found a pan baked bread that I couldn't bake on my stone.  Stick around though.  There'll be other opinions coming down the stream. 

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You need to shape it well and get a good, tight "gluten cloak" so that your loaf doesn't "blow out" or collapse. Search here on TFL or the web for videos and instructions on shaping.

Otherwise AB in 5 works fine in a loaf pan. I recommend using an instant read thermometer to make sure it's done.

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As long as the dough is not so wet that it refuses to remain boule shaped you should be fine. Also if it is very wet and you use a banneton or similar you might not be able to get it out again! Otherwise I would say go for it :)