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Pain A L'Ancienne from BBA

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December 27, 2006 - 7:27am -- mountaindog

These did not last long around here...for such an easy recipe requiring very little handling or shaping because of the wet dough, you get really delicious, crusty, chewy baguettes! These will probably be a weekly baking staple around here in case my sourdoughs give me a problem again...


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Submitted by dasein668 on

That recipe alone was worth the price of the BBA to me! (That's a funny comment, since my copy of the BBA was a gift!) I make these quite often, usually a half recipe, and they have been 100% successful every time. Some of my best breads, actually. Love 'em love 'em love 'em!

Nathan Sanborn

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Submitted by grepstar on

I think Pain A L'Ancienne will be next in the queue.

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Submitted by sewwhatsports on

Pain au Levain Jan 17, 2007

I activated the starter yesterday and made the dough last night. The loaves retarded in bannetons in my 56 degree laundry room over night. I got a good oven pop with the dough. These were baked at the same time in a 440 degree oven with steam. (The oven had been heated to 500 degree for an hour before with the stones and cast iron pan in the oven.) The batard was on the next to the top shelf and the boule was on the bottom half shelf. Both were started with parchment paper on the baking stones, rotated half way through and the paper removed then. They baked 40 minutes and then an additional 5 minutes with the door cracked to allow any residual moisture to dissapate. What I cannot understand is the difference in the crust. It must be MUCH hotter near the top of the oven for the crusts to be so different. What would be your suggestion to get a more even crust on both, switch baking sites of the bread halfway when I turn the loaves? BTW, the batard did give off the cracking sound as it cooled while the boule did not. They both smell great but I will wait until later tonight to cut them. Any thoughts on the baking and crust development itself?

Rena in Delaware

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Submitted by Floydm on

I wouldn't even try baking on the upper rack. Bake them one after the other. If they are both ready to bake at the same time, throw the second in the fridge while the first one bakes.