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whole wheat bread flour

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whole wheat bread flour

I'm need to this site.  I saw a few posts from 2006 and 2008 about whole wheat bread flour, available in the pacific northwest at Winco foods.  I've bought some, but don't find any recipes that specifically request whole wheat bread flour.  Is it interchangeable with white bread flour?  Wheat flour?  Thanks!

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I posted about Winco bulk flours here -

When I was shopping one day the guy was filling the bin for the  "Bob's Red Mill Whole Wheat Bread Flour" in the bulk section, so I asked him if I could look at the bag, and it was the Bob's Red Mill Whole Wheat Flour (didn't say Bread Flour on the bag) - this is the one

I asked the guy about it not saying bread flour and he said that he didn't know just that is the one he is supposed to put in the bin.

I also emailed Bob's Red Mill and they said that they don't make a Whole Wheat Bread Flour.



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Their whole wheat is fairly strong, though Stone-Buhr is stronger. Keep looking for whole wheat formulas on this site -- I've seen plenty.

Whole wheat can often be used in place of white flour, but the hydration needs to be higher.

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Maybe it's just me.  I use 100% whole wheat flour - fresh-ground high-protein whole wheat flour - in recipes that call for white (ap or bread) flour.  I've never had to use extra water.  In fact, sometimes I think it's got too much water in it.  The water I use is from a tap outside that doesn't go through the water softener.  (Inside I have softened water and reverse osmosis.)  I wonder if my water is wetter than most.


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Whole wheat bread flour simply means hard whole wheat, not soft whole wheat.  It is not interchangeable with refined bread flour without other changes to the recipe, such as hydration.