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Happy Holidays everybody!

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Happy Holidays everybody!

Whatever traditions your family celebrates, it's a nice time of year to be a baker! :)


Here's our holiday card this year-our cards usually reflect the craziest project we did all year, and this time it was baking related....





- breadnerd 

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to you and all of our bread baking family!!! Very nice and personal it an etching ..and are you the artist?

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Heh... Here was our card this year:

Happy Holidays to all.

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Doc Tracy

I've been baking like crazy, trying to get ready for the family dinner tonight. Not easy in my rental RV.

Not bad though for just learning about bread and learning my oven. Wish it would fit a cookie sheet but I did make molasses cookies right on the rack with aluminum foil last week.

This is today. I've done molasses cookies, corn bread, two loaves  SD whole wheat berry flax seed, two loaves rye, 3 of the finnish pulla (one tossed as a failure due to burn), and froze two more loaves of the ww/flax in the freezer.