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Hello from Utah

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Hello from Utah

I was looking for a bread specific site to ask questions and discuss breads.

I am currently in Culinary school at our local tech college.  I will be graduating as soon as I am finish with the bake shop.  I enjoy making all kinds of bread at home.  (right now I just took out a couple loafs of pumpernickel)


Looks like a good site to get some up to date info, thanks.


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Welcome.  I'm a newbie to this site and to baking bread.  I'm sure you will love it here.  I just love Pumpernickel Bread.  That's about my favorite besides Italian.

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Hi,I also live in slc,ut and was thinking of going to school at  SLCC. I suspect that is where your attending. How do you like it? Do you think the education has been worth it? I am trying to decide rather on the job trainning or school would be better.



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I am actually attending OWATC in Ogden.  I am enjoying my self there.  Our Chef is CIA trained and has a pretty good resume.  I actually have a regular job that pays well but I would like to start something some day for myself.  I started training in August and I am only about 1 month out from being finished. 


If you have the time you should get the training.  If you need a job and you can get one cooking then you should do that.