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100% whole wheat baking??

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100% whole wheat baking??

Hi all,

I was browsing the posts here in artisan breads and one caught my attention. "Wheat flour" posted a while back talked about the problem of 100% whole wheat loaves being heavy and brick like. I agree. I have tried it for the sake of nutrition and have had a hard time coming out with a good sandwich bread. The replies are interesting, (Thank you, thank you Laura! Have added your reply to my own list of helpful hints) and I will be sure to give them a try. My question is, what are some other tips or secrets for this type of bread? I love the flavor and nutrition, and now I would like to get my daughter to enjoy it.

Thanks in advance,


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You are right, Laura's tips in the previous wheat flour thread are very good.

I second her advice about using a mixture of wheat flour and white flour. We've found that in our house we like a mixture of between one quarter and one third of the flour being whole wheat best. The loaf still comes out quite light, but it definitely tastes more substantial (and is healthier) than a purely white flour loaf. I've even been putting some whole wheat flour into our banana bread. It tastes great.

Once everyone's palate adjusts to that amount of whole grain, you can begin to increase it a little bit at a time with hardly anyone noticing the change.

As has been mentioned repeatedly on this site, whole grain breads are back in style. Expect to see a number of new books on baking whole grain breads at home come out in the next couple of years.

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Since my bread baking has become more frequent, my kids are actually starting to turn their noses up at even the store brand wheat. :/ The older ones claim that it tastes like "that white stuff" to them now.

So... YAY for home baking and developing healthy tastes. :)