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Baking sourdough

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Baking sourdough

Hi all,is it essential to bake a sourdough by tipping it onto a tray from the proving vessel or can they be baked in a loaf tin as per standard loaves?

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I do it often. The long rising times mean the loaf is somewhat denser at the bottom, but it is still suitable for sandwiches.

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Just dont let the bread police find out!

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maddy bondi

of course.....

one batch of dough----- many different flavours, depending on HOW you bake it.

From one giant batch of dough I recently made these three loaves:

1/3 into a cast iron pot, lid on

1/3 onto a pizza stone

1/3 in a loaf tin


Each loaf had a different texture and taste. Heaps fun!


p.s don't forget to put a tray of water in the bottom of your oven to increase the humidity and create that crunchy crust!

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That's how I make my sandwich bread. In a 9x5 loaf pan.

You'll never take me alive copper...