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Help: How to convert my firm starter to liquid and more questions about my starter

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Help: How to convert my firm starter to liquid and more questions about my starter

Hi everyone.  I began making a starter for the first time a few weeks ago using Reinhart's recipe in his book Artisan Breads Everyday.  It is a firm starter but have no clue how many percent hydration it is as I am very bad at computing ratios etc.  Basically his mother starter formula called for 2 3/4 cups (12 oz/340 g) flour, 1 cup (9 0z/255 g) water and 3/4 cup (4 oz/113 g) of the phase 4 seed culture.  I've encountered recipes that call for a much more liquid starter around 100%.  How do I convert a portion of my starter and turn it into 100% hydration starter?  Also. it's been more than a week now and I haven't fed my firm starter yet is this ok? How regularly should I feed my starter or leave it unfed? I don't think I could keep up with a regular feeding schedule. 


Another question, how long does the sour flavor come out of the starter? I used a portion of the new starter to make PR's crusty cheese bread but did not get the sour flavor at all.  Will this flavor come out after more feedings? 



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Edith Pilaf

Your starter is about 75% hydration (255g/340g), and if your seed culture is the same, just add about 100g water to the whole thing to convert to 100% hydration. 

To convert a smaller portion, just figure whatever amount you want to convert is 3 parts water and 4 parts flour at 75% hydration.  Just add another 1 part water and it's 100%.  This is just my simplistic way of doing it.  For example, you want to convert 350g starter.  Divide 350 by 7 (the sum of 3 water and 4 flour). One part is 50g.  Add 50g water.

Again, assuming the seed culture is about the same hydration as the starter.


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Thanks for your input Edith it helps a lot! Yes the seed culture is the same amount of hydration so I think the ratio you gave is about right. 

Once I add the water and mix them all together (to use for a single recipe for example) how long do I have to leave it at room temperature in order to rise etc? And do I have to feed this converted 100% starter a number of times before I can use it for a recipe? Or could I use it already once I add the water and let it ferment a little bit?  Just getting confused if giving the starter only water would be enough or do I have to feed it by adding flour as well?