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G'day from Bondi Beach

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maddy bondi

G'day from Bondi Beach

Hi there

I have just discovered this site and was SO excited I joined up immediately. So there are others like me???? Hallelujah!


I am a home baker, and I generally only bake for my family and friends who come over. They are always blown away by a sourdough pizza - so good you never need toppings (not many!). I have converted my husband to the whole naturally leavened bread philosophy.


If you want to know a little more about me, visit my blog at

and find out how I've been baking down under for the past 3 years.


It's a passion that I can't help but preach to everyone I meet!!



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You have come to the right place to share your passion.  You will find both wild and tame yeast fans.  You will find wood-fired, gas-fired and electric "fired" oven fans here, and even a few BBQ/Grill-top bakers here. (Try a search for "green egg" [yes, green egg!] and you will see I speak truly). So, preach away, but be aware you are preaching to the choir! :)

Nice blog, too.  I shall enjoy reading up.

Happy Baking!

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And Bondi Beach -- Welcome to The-Place-to-Be.


Everyone's here -- the rew beginner, the home bakers, the professional...

...and you'll enjoy exchanging ideas, yada-yada.    When the time comes to start baking outdoors,in the hard cold of winter, in a ceramic cooker [mine is the Big Green Egg], get back to me... and I'll help you avoid some newbie mistakes.

I'm the meantime, I'll learn from your blog!

~ Best

~ Broc


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Aussie Pete

Hi Maddi,

Welcome to the site..........I hope you get a lot of new ideas and post some of your ideas as well. I've been following this site for about 2 months now and have just learn't so much from it.  I'm from Cessnock in the Hunter Valley(wine country) 2 hrs up the road and my ciabatta goes well with local red wines and olive oil. I notice on your blog site you grind your own flour. Is this for all your bead recipes? I buy the Laucke bread flour and have had some really good results.......yes and I make my own pizza bases as well. Can't beat it.

I will look forward to some "local tips" from you...........Aussie Pete.

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maddy bondi

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. In answer to your question, Pete, I don't grind my flour for all my recipes... i find that it can often make for a heavy loaf (but a uniquely tasty one, unlike any I have made with shop bought flour), so I often go half and half (home ground and regular organic flour such as white, rye etc).