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Desem Bread Formula

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Feelin Crumby

Desem Bread Formula

Feelin'Crumby here (in a bread way :-) . . . I took the original recipe for Laurel's Kitchen's Desem Bread and came up with these percentages for the formula: Flour 100%, Salt 2%, starter (she prefers to be called Daisy) 63% (weighed the volume called for), and water 68%. Are any of you fooling around with this bread? And, if so, have you altered it any, say . . . more hydration? More starter? And would you mind sharing your results?

As a side-note, if any of you want to put in the 2 weeks it takes to (fully) develop the starter for this bread (easy to do), I highly recommend it. !00% organic whole wheat. A GREAT taste that gets better every day.

Some of you may remember, or responded to, my post on Pullman pans recently. Just to update - I tried 30oz. in my pans and only got loaves that sprung to 2 3/4 inches out of the possible 4 inch height of the pan. They'd be great loaves for hor dourves-size slices. ha! Next time I'm going to try 50oz.. The 30oz. loaf crumb was lite and airy . . . not like ciabatta, but with small, noticeable air holes. Not dense in the slightest, like some of my wheat bread bricks have been. I'm enjoying the investigative part of figuring this bread out to suit my needs and will keep you posted on my results. One of these days I'll have a camera to post pictures.

Ciao - Jim