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Replacing wheat bran in Struan bread.

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Replacing wheat bran in Struan bread.

I want to bake tomorrow the PR's Struan bread and make the pre-doughs today.

The soker calls for wheat bran wich I don't have in the moment. What other grain/flour can be a good subtitue for it?

Thanks a lot!

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You can use virtually anything you want. In WGB, Reinhart mentions:

Precooked- Rice, wheat or rye berries, barley, buckwheat, bulgur, couscous, cracked wheat, millet, quinoa, steel cut oats, etc.

Not necessary to be cooked- amaranth, rolled oats, oat or wheat bran, triticale flakes, multigrain cereal mixes, and any type of flour or meal(like cornmeal,etc).

So you get the idea, anything you want or have on hand. Nothing else on hand; use extra of the thing(s) you already had.